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I love the way that Sakic is putting this team and larger organization together. It may not be sexy all the time or have the big splashes that make headlines, but he’s developing team chemistry and culture with the choices he’s making that will define the Avs for years to come.

As for Barron’s health issues, I’m not sure anyone has really done the homework to know for sure that altitude has any impact on blood-clots? Is there some science that makes clear the worry about a history of blood clots at altitude? 

As far as I can tell that assumption is largely unproven and the focus is on blood clots in the lungs and brain, which he may have developed from the clot in his arm, but with the diagnosis in place, I’m sure the Avs would keep a keen eye on if there were any indications.


Experts debate on whether or not the blood clots more easily at altitude. No study has shown that climbers or visitors to high altitude have an increased risk of blood clots in their lungs (pulmonary embolus or PE) or legs (deep venous thrombosis or DVT). 


Going even further down the rabbit-hole, what does a trainer do differently for a person with blood clot history? Do they keep a stash of Lovenox on hand in case there’s an immediate worry? I know that Max Domi’s situation with Type 1 Diabetes takes some special precautions, and I’d imagine there’d need to be a response scenario for Barron as well, even if the medical reports are “all clear” now. 

All of that said, Barron is likely years away from his shot at the NHL ice, and as we’ve seen with other prospects – you never know what can happen in that time. But, as a guy who’s had plenty of injuries include blood clot issues, I’m excited to see him get his shot with the Avs.

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